March 18, 2012

Until We Write Again…

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We are taking a break for a bit at 4 The Love Of Writing. Our Super Pencils wanted to leave you with a glimpse of what our workshops look like until your get a chance to join us yourself!


February 25, 2012

Sprinkle Minkle Pink Cake With Nerds On Top

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Hello Readers,

We are getting very close to publishing our books. Today we worked very hard gluing, colouring, and typing away. Good writers always need a snack. Then we wrote a bit more and checked each other’s work and earned creative cash.

We went to the park for a good clearing of our mind and to gather inspiration. We had a great time on the see saw. We also fit in four games of hide and seek. Back at classroom, we were working voraciously at finishing off final illustrations. We can’t wait to read and show them to our parents. But we won’t have to wait long because we are not far off…only two weeks left!


Green Foot, Pink Foot,

The Super Pencils

February 18, 2012

Writing in Pyjamas

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Today the Super Pencils got straight to work. We chose partners to help each other finish and edit our story drafts. We even got creative cash for finding our errors. The record group so far had 370 spelling errors!

Some of us are writing and some are typing the good copy. There was no time for a walk because we had to finish our stories. We will published them very soon but it will be busy between now and then.

A few of us wore our pyjamas and one of us came with a particularly rough draft….great story…but very rough looking draft. We hope that Mackenzie feels better soon and that we see her next week. We could all use a little more Mackenzie.

Until next week!

The Super Pencils

February 4, 2012

Fun In The Sun!

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Today the Super Pencils set off getting straight to work writing their books. We worked in partners to teach each other today about setting, characters, problem, and solution parts of the story. After that challenging but fun experience, we needed a snack! We continued to write while we were eating.

Then we headed off for a beautiful walk in the sun. We started off with some yummy chocolate chunk cookies. We went to a park and took lots of pictures on the way. We had fun on the swings and played hide and go seek on the way back. We also tried out walking with our eyes closed and it worked because we took turns guiding each other.

The Super Pencils will return next week looking slightly different.

Until then…

The Super Pencils

January 21, 2012

Introducing the Super Pencils

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We are the Super Pencils! We are all girls ranging in age from 7 to 12 years old. When we first arrived today, we felt shy, unsure what it would be about, and interested to find out more.

We sat down and learned about each other, decorated our folders, and made some important decisions. We decided to write books this term. We will all write and publish our own book!

But we needed to be inspired so we went for a walk. We talked to people in two artistic shops in the village and took many photos. When we got back, we were inspired enough to write a story plan.  So we got to writing the main plot.

Now we feel we are ready to write our books! We are happy and eager to get to publish them in the end. We are excited to see what we will do next week. It was more exciting than some of us thought it would be. It was pretty cool!

Until next week,

The Super Pencils

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