March 18, 2012

Farewell Our Friends…Until September!

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As we reflect on our past eight weeks, we fondly remember: the sliding gummy bears; pink foot, green foot; nerds; and “one for one and one for all”. Today we organized things, decorated for the party, had an auction, and found the actual Super Pencil that will also be used as a microphone.

We are excited to have finally finished our books and present them in our book reading for parents today…in 30 seconds actually! We must hurry. We will post a little video soon so that you can get a better idea of how our last eight weeks went.

Thank you for traveling all this way with us! We’ll be back!

The Super Pencils

P.S  Don’t step on a rake because it could hit you in the face.


January 28, 2012

Sardine Gummy Bears & Books

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At the beginning of our morning we started working on our good books. We got our first bit of creative cash today! We arranged the steps of writing a book into order. At snack, one of our members had a tin of gummy bears packed like sardines. She was kind enough to share.

Next we voted on whether or not we wanted to go on a walk. We went on a walk to Cobs because we were on the search for inspirational smells. After Cobs, we happened by Rocky Mountain Chocolate and thought there could be some inspirational smells in there.

Once back, we came back and did some serious writing! We got part of our story drafts done and feel relieved to be done the beginning. The beginning seems to be the hardest part.

Three members of our group are home sick. We miss them terribly and hope they will be better next week. Get well soon friends!

The Super Pencils

P.S. Sardine Gummy Bears are awesome!

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