February 25, 2012

Sprinkle Minkle Pink Cake With Nerds On Top

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Hello Readers,

We are getting very close to publishing our books. Today we worked very hard gluing, colouring, and typing away. Good writers always need a snack. Then we wrote a bit more and checked each other’s work and earned creative cash.

We went to the park for a good clearing of our mind and to gather inspiration. We had a great time on the see saw. We also fit in four games of hide and seek. Back at classroom, we were working voraciously at finishing off final illustrations. We can’t wait to read and show them to our parents. But we won’t have to wait long because we are not far off…only two weeks left!


Green Foot, Pink Foot,

The Super Pencils


February 23, 2012

Publishing Time Again

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Today the Young Journalists got a break from writing the blog so that they could finish up their articles. They are working against some tight timelines in order to get our newspaper to print in just a few weeks!

Today we talked about editing and what it is. Our Young Journalists were together again with the entire group on-line. They got an opportunity to have a peer conference via Skype. Here they shared suggested changes with each other as well as things they liked about each other’s work. Of course, creative cash was handed out for a job well done.

They will all have a chance to use their cash on March 8th at our final class!


February 18, 2012

Writing in Pyjamas

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Today the Super Pencils got straight to work. We chose partners to help each other finish and edit our story drafts. We even got creative cash for finding our errors. The record group so far had 370 spelling errors!

Some of us are writing and some are typing the good copy. There was no time for a walk because we had to finish our stories. We will published them very soon but it will be busy between now and then.

A few of us wore our pyjamas and one of us came with a particularly rough draft….great story…but very rough looking draft. We hope that Mackenzie feels better soon and that we see her next week. We could all use a little more Mackenzie.

Until next week!

The Super Pencils

February 17, 2012

No Soggy Feet!!!

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We can’t believe that we did not get a chance to walk today. Instead we focused on making and finishing our news articles. Some of us even started new ones. It was a lot of work!

First we had to write a plan for our news article but we had to compare it to the dummy (our newspaper plan) to make sure things were getting done and put in the right places. It took some effort but we feel more organized. Some of us are glad that we can relax a little now since we have finished typing our news articles…..WHEW!

We also helped our virtual classmates a little today. We prepared an e-mail that tells how we turned our interviews into news articles. We hope it helps them. We are looking forward to seeing our virtual classmates next week when we will begin to put the paper together.

After working so hard without a break, we will now embark on a dangerous, yet fun journey to the foosball table!

Pencil Brains

February 13, 2012

Our Last Day! “Boo Hoo”

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Today we designed a title page for our portfolios. Then we evaluated our news stories. We put our portfolios together and we were off to deliver the paper to the Superintendent of the Coquitlam School District. The ladies who helped us were very nice. We also delivered the newspaper to Mrs. Trumley, our principal.

When we got back, we looked at our portfolios a bit more.  We felt good and very proud of our work. Later we pretended Lisa was a parent and she asked us questions about our work. Then we had some healthy snacks and started the auction. It was a lot of fun. After that, we enjoyed eating our treats which were brownies and chocolate chip cookies! One of us even made a ball out of the babybel cheese wax! When we finished our auction, everyone had something. Some people had more than one thing.

We had a terrific time and it was so fun! We are sad that our time has ended and hopefully we will meet again soon…maybe at another workshop.

Sadly Signing Off,

The Winter Writers

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