Writing for the love of it…

This is what it is about. Every person deserves to experience the joy of writing because it can truly be a joy! It is all about finding your way. Some of us were born to create through the written word, while others take a little longer to realize their true potential. But we all have it in us. The trick is to find a way to let it out.

What are parents saying about the workshops?

Thanks Lisa, for doing what you do.  It feels as if he were transported to a magical land where problems disappear.  I have so often heard that creative writing is one of the most difficult things to teach in a homeschool setting and at this point I tend to agree.  He says writing at home is work – your class is not.  Thanks for giving HIM hope!

Ingrid, Vancouver

The kids enjoyed themselves. Thank you for making it so worthwhile! My boy, who would usually mind if there is no other boy in the group really had a blast. They are looking forward to coming back. Thank you again for taking care of them!

Ana, North Vancouver

Both my kids attended the first session and they had a blast! My son wrote a book with illustrations! I was thrilled. My daughter wrote a fantastic poem and they loved creating their own t-shirt designs and earning creative cash during their time in the course. They want to go back so 4 The Love of Writing must be doing something write (I mean – right). Thanks Lisa for making it all happen. Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the next ones!

Danielle, North Vancouver


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  1. This looks wonderful! I’ll be sure to share it around!

    Comment by LBergstrome — February 7, 2011 @ 6:21 pm | Reply

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