March 18, 2012

Until We Write Again…

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We are taking a break for a bit at 4 The Love Of Writing. Our Super Pencils wanted to leave you with a glimpse of what our workshops look like until your get a chance to join us yourself!

Farewell Our Friends…Until September!

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As we reflect on our past eight weeks, we fondly remember: the sliding gummy bears; pink foot, green foot; nerds; and “one for one and one for all”. Today we organized things, decorated for the party, had an auction, and found the actual Super Pencil that will also be used as a microphone.

We are excited to have finally finished our books and present them in our book reading for parents today…in 30 seconds actually! We must hurry. We will post a little video soon so that you can get a better idea of how our last eight weeks went.

Thank you for traveling all this way with us! We’ll be back!

The Super Pencils

P.S  Don’t step on a rake because it could hit you in the face.

March 9, 2012

Virtual No More!

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Today was an awesome day! Our whole class was together for the first time! We worked together to finish our portfolios. Then we set the room up for our parent presentation. We delivered our newspapers next. When we returned, we had an indoor picnic and auction. Everyone got something.

We fondly remember when we first met each other weeks ago on skype.  Interviewing each other on skype was also fun. Even though, it just happened, delivering papers was fun. Of course, we fondly remember foozeball tournaments.

We  are looking forward to coming back in September. We all had a fun time meeting each other and working together.

Signing off until September!

Pencil Brains

March 3, 2012

Book Binding and Bathtubs

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Yay! Our books are almost done! We glued, we sewed, and we bound. We worked very hard today and we did not have time to stop or play or go for a walk; but, we did get to have a snack which all good writers need. We also got to see some karate and escaped  being trampled just in time!

We feel so happy that our books are published! We can’t wait to share in two weeks. We will not be here next week but we will write again on March 17th for the last time.

We are honoured to have a fellow writer begin to celebrate her birthday tomorrow.

One for one and one for all!

The Super Pencils

March 2, 2012

Calling All Editors!!!

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Today we didn’t go for a walk. We stayed back and relaxed. Actually, we worked pretty hard today.

We put our portfolios together. The organizing part was tricky and took most of the time. We felt very proud of what we have done. It looks good…no…it looks great! Our parents will see next week. We think they will be proud.

We decided what our writing goals would be for next term and it felt pretty good to decide for ourselves.

It wasn’t all writing. We got to do some crafty stuff too…illustrating at least!

Next week will be our last week! We are excited to be have the whole group together in person for the first time!

Pencil Brains


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